The employee app has been greatly revised. The focus was on better management of requests and immediate insight into ongoing operations. It also aims to motivate employees to process their invitations more consistently (apply for or ignore them). 


The principle of project cards

The projects for the assignments are now presented in a project card. These cards give the employees first important information about the project without having to look at the individual assignments in the project. This new presentation allows a more compact and clearer presentation of projects. The project details and assignments can be found by tapping on the project card.

Registration for whole projects

Thanks to the new project cards, employees can easily register for entire projects. A swipe to the right (register) or to the left (ignore) leads to the desired action in the same logic as it is already possible for individual assignments. 

More details: My Invitations; apply or ignore


The new home page

My invitations

The new homepage shows the latest invitation to an assignment at the top of the page. Employees can sign up for all assignments in the invitation with a swipe to the right. Employees can view all invitations by clicking on "View all". 

My assignments 

If employees are assigned, the employees have access to the next 4 deployments on the homepage. Employees also have access to frequently used actions such as confirm, check-in, time stamps and forms, without having to go into the details of the deployments. Via "View All" employees can view all upcoming assignments. 

Actions to complete

If the employees still must submit work data or fill out forms after the event, the pending actions will be listed here. Selecting the pending actions will take the employees to the "To complete" section, where they will find a list of all assignments that still need to be completed. 


In this section the employees will find their past assignments in a user-defined period. Employees can now find the working time released by the planner next to the gross amount.

New main menu bar

Other areas of the app can be accessed via the new and easily accessible menu bar at the bottom of the screen. This menu bar will help us to accommodate new areas of the employee app in the future.

Overview of the new home page: Overview of the Smartphone App



In the next major release, the absence calendar - currently only available via the web account - will also be integrated into the app. It will be convenient and easy for employees to manage their absences via their app.