Please be aware that this functionality is currently offered as a beta version.  
We are delighted if you decide to test it with us. However, there are still improvements to be made, and we are happy to receive field testing feedback.  
If you would like to take part in our beta test, please contact 


The Project Leader Function – aka Team Leader function – is a special function which you can allocate to a regular supervisory event function (e.g. Supervisor, Head of Service, Head Nurse, etc.)  
Employees with this function can log into a dedicated Project Leader App (web version) which gives them access to a list of team members including their phone numbers, as well as the ability to action and monitor other team members’ check-ins for the event. Furthermore, the Project Leader App shows a QR Code which other staff members can use to check into the event. 


Please note that during the beta phase, employees will not see any information regarding their project leader status in the regular employee app. Therefore, please let staff members know if you have given them the Project Leader role. 

To define a project leader for an assignment, several settings need to be configured. After that, you can proceed with Staff Planning as usual.  


Configuring the Team Leader Function 


Under Configuration -> Collections, a list of available functions can be found as a Collection.  

If the module ‘Project Leader’ is activated, the check box ‘Grants Project Leader Role’ is displayed for each function.


Functions which have been allocated the Project Leader role can only be disconnected from this special function during event creation (in ‘Advanced Options’).  

All functions can be retrospectively connected to the Project Leader role by editing the event function in Advanced Options.   


The planner can then invite and assign employees as usual.  

To distinguish whether an employee has Project Leader status, please see this Knowledge Base entry. 


Seeing Project Leader App Data in the Planner View 

As the Project Leader App offers a QR Code and lets Project Leaders check in other staff members, Team Leaders can also submit data, which is displayed in the Livestamps tab, thereby ensuring that Employee Check-ins are monitored.