Occasionally, an employee ignores or is declined for an assignment, but later on, you find that you want to include them after all. 

In this case, there are actions the employee (if they ignored the invitation) as well as the planner can take to enable planning with employees that were not previously considered:


What employees can do:

Employees can see any assignments they ignored and register for them again.  

To display ignored assignments, the invitation filters need to be adjusted. 

What planners can do:

Within staff planning, planners have the option to filter by employees who ignored an assignment. The filter does not show employees with the status 'ignored' by default.  

Through the use of this filter, employees with the status 'ignored' or 'denied' are shown along with the 'enrolled' employees.  

Thus, the employees Alex Zumstein (with the function 'lighting technician') and Anita Baumann (who was previously denied for all registered functions) can be assigned to functions at this event again.